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1 Week Out 10/19/04      


It didn’t go as planned, but it’s all good"

First of all, thank you to everyone for being here for me.. it made this years prep so great!
I know we were all disappointed with the outcome of the GNC, but it was really a great thing! Believe me, it had to happen and I believe it!

As you all saw, the week out photos looked great. We had decided that since I was heavier and had added muscle this year, we would experiment with a different approach for my last few days. To make a long story short, I learned what not to do! The basics are really what work for me. I am not the type of bodybuilder who can get away with not coming in 100% on and I think this lesson needed to happen before the Olympia to make me that much better there!

I also hadn’t been on stage for so long, I had a lot of kinks to work out and again, good thing it all happened there. Many other pros and people at the show had me higher and that's good considering I was no where near my best, but regardless of the placing, I feel like the entire show was a blessing to make me grow and make me better!

I came home and looked at the photos and got right to work!!! I depleted my carbs a few days and will be bringing the carbs back in today until the next weekend.. then will deplete again and then carb load on Wed/Thurs/Friday!!! I’m right where I need to be physically and mentally!

I shot with Mitsuru the other day and that went well. Today I went out to do my flex shoot and all I can say is wow!! Milos and Shawn took a bunch of photos and were just estatic with where I’m at. We posed a lot and Chris Lund took a ton of shots, looking for a “good cover” that is exciting!

Of all the many Flex photo shoots, the response to this was absolutely the best. Chris Lund said this was the best I’ve ever looked, along with Milos who has seen my body for many years and was just going on and on about my conditioning.

After my shoot, Shawn Ray and I went to his house so that I could eat. I got to chat with Kevin Levrone who is getting into the acting thing out there and is doing well. I also ran into Tevita Ahoelei and he was really impressed with my improvements as well. It was a great day!!!

Muscletime will be here on Friday to start shooting my DVD. I will for sure be posting photos then. I will also post any photos from Milos when he sends them from the shoot.

I am so thankful to all of you for your support. We are on the road to the “O” and things are looking good. The bottom line now is to be crazy shredded.. not just look good, I have to look crazy! After that, the placing will take care of itself.

I will talk to you guys soon. Thanks again and have a great week!
Your Friend,


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