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Welcome Team Troy Members

To My Awesome Fans...
You the fans are the reason I am doing this and I want to give you the benefit of viewing photos first hand and also checking in on my progress.

I am happy to allow everyone access to the Team Troy site now that the shows are over. A very special thanks goes out to the members who joined and witnessed first hand how hard it is to prepare for a show!

I really do appreciate all the emails and feedback you give me! It keeps me training harder and harder everyday in the gym! So, I hope you enjoy the site and I'll see you at the shows.. wearing your very own Team Troy shirts with pride!!

Your Friend,
Troy Alves

Team Troy News & Events

Well.. now that the shows are over and I can now relax, I want to share with everyone my weekly pics and journal while i was preparing for the GNC and Olympia this past fall.

I also want the members who signed up to know that I am very thankful for their support and motivaton they have given me and I also want them to know they are always first in my book!

Hope you guys enjoy the Team Troy site!


1 week away from the big show and I am feeling good! Wolfgang & Raymond.. the masterminds behind MuscleTime.com were here this weekend to shoot me for a video which is due out in December. I will let you you as soon as it is available.

I just put up some shots in the Current Pics section that they took while here.. these shots were shot for the members of Team Troy. There are a few more at MuscleTime.com but you get access to these shots.


I just got back from Milos' gym from doing a photo shoot with Chris Lund for Flex... it was crazy! Chris, Milos, and Shawn ray all were blown away by my conditioning! That made it for a great day. Chris also got some really good shots.

Check out my latest journal entry to read more about it and also my game plan for the big "O" in Las Vegas.

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